My husband and I adopted a newborn girl 22 years ago, not knowing anything about her birth parents. She has been a joy, a heartbreak, and has recently left home because we were so demanding (asked her to not store food in her room etc. I did her laundry, took her to appointments, etc.) She is beautiful, artistic, bright and self-destructive.

She has totaled three vehicles, stayed out all night, and been victimized by men. Now she seems to call only when she wants something or to criticize me.

I have a comprehensive library on Bipolar illness and was a mental health/addiction counselor. It doesn’t HELP! All my education, experience, knowledge has done nothing to assuage my constant worry and grief that I cannot stop.

She has recently moved to another town (not that far away but we are not allowed to know her address or to contact her). We were so close to her all her life that now it seems as we are missing a limb….