Not bipolar but my girlfriend’s daughter is. I know she is hyper sexual by doing research. I am guilty due to her advances. Now I find myself giving her advice due to her needing a man and getting into relationships without healing. She is going with a friend and living in a party house, and the relationship is pure rocky. I don’t want her I may add. She had a horrible fight due to his insanity. Pawns her off on other men and drinks like a fish as in my friend. Those actions led her to seeing her doctor again and I told her to address her anger and rages. I told her to address sex issues as well. I get text and phone calls every time she has fight and anger rages. It’s pure hell at times and I find myself as the person giving advice along with her mom. This has been going on since Nov. My friend blames her due to her rages but his actions have led to her rages. I get blindsided due to their fights 24/7. I want her to get better but I know she is the one who needs to get better. Her problem-solving skills are lousy when she feels pressure. All of her relationships end in failure. I have rejected her advances since my mistake for sleeping with her but I find myself as the one giving advice. She has wrecked my life in the past and her life as well with jail time. Her life is taking a toll on me. I have sought advice and have spoken with my lawyer in case she turns on me. This lady is filled with drama due to her illness but I find myself as her ear. What should I do? Looking for advice.