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Posted May 14, 2008

Hi my name is Jill and I wanted to share my story about my 16 year old daughter Bri who was recently diagnosed with BPD I.

It’s been a scary road. Started several years ago when she was 11 and we had just moved. Thought she was blue from moving away from all her good friends. Was really depressed and admitted to being suicidal. Had her journal. Grades were good, seemed to get over it. Teachers always thought she was delightful, never gave us problems at home. Did complain of headaches daily and muscle cramping.

When she was 14 diagnosed with Essential Idiopathic Myoclonus (muscle jerking/twitches/cramps) still having headaches and now having excruciating nerve pain. Neurologists not finding anything wrong. In Jan. Neuro suggested psychosomatic cause. Bri then became very depressed, grades falling. Talking with psychologist for depression when Bri asked about being Bipolar.

We had told Neuro that Bri heard voices and saw ghosts trying to be honest hoping that that would help him diagnose the reason for the myoclonus, so we had told the psychologist also. She asked about seeing shadows out of Bri’s peripheral vision and Bri said yes. So she had us fill out a questionaire for BP. We then were sent to a Child Psychiatrist who specializes in BP children thank goodness.

It’s been difficult finding the right medications because Bri doesn’t tolerate some of them. She still isn’t up to therapeutic levels yet. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on to educate myself. It’s been difficult watching her go from an AP/honor student to a struggling student trying to keep her head above water and just get up in the morning but she’s amazing and strong. We are looking at this disorder and trying to find ways to bring out the assets.

Thank you for your support and suggestions. Blessings to all of you!


  1. Body chemistry is very interesting and always changing—-we all can
    help to improve total body chemistry—-

    It is true I’m bipolar, it is also true I don’t take any drug, nor have I
    for over 4 years—–

    Changing body chemistry takes lots of Time—–doing what I do would
    require others to totally understand and work with a doctor. The risk are
    just to high—–your daughter has a Major Chemical Imbalance—-it can
    be controlled and you and others should work to try to correct it in her

    If you want more information, please feel free to contact me—-
    I’m not the vitamin guy
    I’m not the herb guy
    I follow US government information regarding your health
    God Bless

  2. I’m not doctor—-I’m only a bipolar guy that wanted to survive and live a normal life.

    Let me give you some advise—-

    It is in the eyes—-once her she has perfect focus in the eyes then,
    the Major Chemical Imbalance is improving—-

    All the doctors can not find it, because the blood test will never show it—

    I call it Balance Water Within the Body—-and knowing How—-
    Sodium according to the US government should not excide 2500 mg—-
    the average person in the US is at 7,000 mg—-
    Potassium according to the US government should not excide 3500 mg
    the average person in the US is a 500 mg—-

    Understanding HOW to get back to 2500 mg sodium and 3500 mg
    potassium can be very complex. It all looks simple but it is not easy, nor
    simple—–once your daughter arrives at those numbers her eye sight
    should be better and the Major Chemical Imbalance will start to improve.

    All of this information is on the side of your Cereal Box, it is the US
    government information—–

    Don’t run out an just purchase potassium pills
    That is not the answer—–
    Sweet potato’s have lots of potassium—and many other foods today—-to arrive at 3500 mg will not be easy——

    I can offer far more help—-let me know if you have any interest?
    God Bless

  3. You stated you daughter is not up to the Therapeutic Levels—–that does
    sound like Lithium—-

    check with your doctor —–do not just stop any meds, I’m not a

    What I do works for me, however might not work for all mentally ill people.

  4. Life is all about Helping Other People—-

    The problem we are having in America is we spend to much time
    Acting as the Evil One and not enough time Helping Anyone.
    Coercion is the right to Lie, Cheat and Steal—-that is what I see every
    day in the Stock Market and with Police GPS on my car and motorcycle.

    Bipolar is not a stigma—it is only the makings of Harassment and Hate
    Crimes throughout USA. We blame all of lifes problems on the people
    they call Crazy—and therefore all the bipolar people get blames for
    all the people that Lie, Cheat and Steal to Win.

    Bipolar people do not create your problems—-and quite blaming the
    bipolar people for every violent and crazy stuff that takes place
    every day throughout the World.

  5. In the USA, do we spend more time Helping Other People or Screwing
    Other People?

    When Vanguard Windsor Fund goes down 40% in 9 months, who got
    When Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, MBIA, Ambac, Countrywide Mortgage
    Bear Stears, AIG, Lehman Brothers and more then 200 companies lose
    more then 90% in value—and the US economy creates more then what
    happened during 9/11—-then who is screwing who?
    None of this is Helping America——

    During the past 2 years I was seeing 3 criminal justice guys a day, did any offer HELP? None

  6. What I do will help many mentally ill people in the World. It will save
    someones Life—-

    What I do does work—-it has taken me more then 15 years—-I have
    gone to Hell and Back with this thing called Bipolar—-it is one Nasty
    SOB—-it is the highest level of Chemical Imbalance known to man.

    It is simple and complex all at the same time—–it revolves around
    balancing the Water within the human body——
    The guy that found Lithium might understand——he was right and
    wrong—–he tried to allow the body to go one way, however he never
    allowed the body to heal itself.

    If anyone wants to Test Me—-please come—–only thing, No Lying—-
    a Lie Detector Test will be present—–
    Many of the doctors today are taking Mood Stabilizers, Tranquilzers and Sleeping Pills—-it can be a very tough job.

  7. Hi Jill, thank you for sharing your story and your daughter’s. I hope things are going well since you posted this.

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