Adam Johnson

Posted April 6, 2012

Hi I’m Adam Johnson, and just a few months ago I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia, mild bipolar. I have been dealing with it since 6th Grade and it has been really hard. I would have highs that would last from a few hours to a few weeks and lows that lasted a few days to several months. Whenever I tell people this story they either don’t believe me or think I am overreacting. And I just tell them I need support don’t tell me those things. I hate my bipolar but I have been dealing with it, without meds so it is even harder. To anyone who is having the same kind of difficulties, let me tell you life gets better but you have to deal with many obstacles.

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  1. I have a similar story. After being depressed since i was little and having a psychosis when i was 20, my mental health was always just depression (or so i thought ) I have now come to realise and see the patterns from my past and see the bipolar 2 symptoms. Tough realisation but also freeing in the fact that i know havo something tangible to actually grow from.

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