Submitted on April 19, 2013

My story started in childhood, but I have only recently been diagnosed (one year ago) with bipolar II when I feel into a deep depression. I was thin, I had lice in my hair, and I was sleeping a lot. Now I am taking Prianil (lithium), lamotrogine, Moodapex (serteraline), Tryptizol (amitriptyline), trileptal (oxcarbazepine), and more and more.

I cut my wrist once, and on another occasion I took 30 Seroquel tablets at once but didn’t die.

Now I have started to love myself. I pamper myself with pedicures and manicures, makeup, long showers, hair removal, and nice perfumes. I dye my hair, dress girly, diet (because the Zyprexa make me overweight), talk to my doll, go to gym, and engage in other activities to make myself feel better. I pray to Allah to heal me and all patients. My doctor tells me to take my meds, go to medical school, sleep better.

I think I am getting better.