Ann’s Husband and Son

Posted May 2, 2011

I was married to a man I truly loved for 5 years, and he became bipolar. He was so abusive and scary that I had to leave. We had a beautiful little boy who has now turned into his father. Only he’s worse. He’s only nine years old, and he’s already had to be hospitalized for being a danger to himself and others. He has qualified for Medicaid under the TEFRA/Katie Beckett waiver, because he is so ill, he is considered disabled. When the nurse from TEFRA came to interview him, he bit me and then threatened to kill me. He is SO high maintenance. He is either crying in sadness, or destroying something in anger. Then, he follows me around the house and will not be separated from me. He even wants to hold my hand when we watch TV. He only attends school for a few hours a day, and today, when I went to get him from school, his teachers told me (once again) that he was crying for me and throwing things at their heads. He also insults them. I’m so tired. That’s the real problem, I think. No matter how much rest I get, I’m just still so tired. I resent my son. I love him more than life, but I resent the energy that he drains from our family. I resent the fact that we all have to walk on eggshells around him, and that even when we do, he still finds a way to get upset.


  1. While I doubt you will see this, you have to understand that your son has a mental disability. As hard as this is for you, imagine how it is for him.

    As a BPt1, I can tell you it sucks a lot. With luck and some hope, he will get the right med combination to help him.

    Once that happens. NEVER EVER let him stop taking his meds. EVER. Bad things will ensue, especially if he’s as bad as he sounds.

    A last important note, as a younger child, it is important that you don’t encourage the manic behavior. While you should probably go light on him, as he really cannot control his actions, he should still know his behavior is wrong. If he sees his behavior as ok (which he will if you try to cope and ‘walk on eggshells’), he will develop personality and social interaction traits that will ruin the possibility of him ever leading a normal life.

  2. is he playing out how his dad actted

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