Posted by Stacy on February 25, 2012

What a roller coaster. This relationship has gone on for over two years and there has been so much more negative than positive. People warned us that he was a mess, and she ignored it thinking she could fix him. He was being treated by a family physician who had him on antidepressants, anxiety meds, and Ritalin for ADHD. He has his own little medicine cabinet full of uppers and downers. He drank, smoked marijuana, and took illegal Vicodin to self-medicate.

All of these should have been warning signs to get out, and she tried, but he was very masterful at manipulating her. She finally left him and came home, but he badgered her and basically stalked her until she caved in and moved back in and then found out she was pregnant. He seemed very excited about the pregnancy and things smoothed out somewhat, but recently my daughter caught him snorting Ritalin and gave him an ultimatum. He became sober, which has set off a manic episode.

He is currently in patient but this is the defining point in their relationship. If he cannot continue the progress that is achieved during this inpatient stay, she will have to leave. She has to think of their precious one-year-old daughter and the chaos of their lives. She does not even know what a healthy functioning bipolar person looks like. Can people give me some advice in how to support her as she makes this very hard decision? Is she a terrible person if she leaves???