Design Girl

December 25, 2009

My husband has been diagnosed for 12 years and on at least 7 medications for it. He has had two affairs that I know of and I suspect one other. He is currently re-connected through a 40-year class reunion with his intimate girlfriend (boyfriend/girlfriend when she was 14 and he was 15 years old). She lives about 700 miles away. We have been married for 41 years and he insists on calling this girl just to keep in touch because she is 2 times divorced and needs a friend.

I have pleaded with him to stop calling her and he just hides his calls. I told him how it hurt when he called her and talked for 20-40 minutes, but he says I’m being ridiculous that she is just a friend. He has had her out to our house and has shown her where he works. Every time he calls her, and I catch him we have a huge fight. Yet he claims she is just a friend and I mean everything to him. If that is so, why is he so insistent on calling her?

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  1. Hi D Girl,
    I just read your post and couldn’t help but feel badly for you. As a person diagnosed with bipolar disorder I think I can honestly say that it should never be used as an excuse for out right nasty behaviour! I take it that you have been married for quite a while, so I can only imagine what you have had to put up with over the years. I believe your husband’s behaviour is because he is a RAT and may use his bipolar as an excuse for forgivness or leniency from you. You may not be able to change his bad behaviour, but you can certainly change yours by moving forward in a positive way and taking care of yourself without his negative and unforgiveable behaviour around to bring you down!!! Best wishes for a safe and happy future.

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