Heather Brown

November 25, 2009

Big Crowd Crazy House by Heather BrownOne year after I graduated from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana, where I received my B.S. in Printing Management, I found myself being led into the psychiatric ward clapping my hands and shouting, “Show me the Money!!!” I spent the longest night of my life in the padded room and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression).

That night, August 16, 1997, would mark the beginning of my lifelong battle with extreme mood swings that ranged from psychotic manic episodes to soul-wrenching depression. I have been hospitalized almost a dozen times in the following 11 years because of severe manic episodes. In 2001 I survived two suicide attempts, the second of which put me on a respirator for 2 days.

Coincidentally, I regained consciousness on September 11, 2001. As you can imagine, I was so thankful to be alive after 9/11, that I felt it was my duty to share my story by writing a book; Big Crowd at the Crazy House, (you will find out the secret behind that catchy title in that first paragraph) about what I went through in hopes of possibly helping prevent some of the millions of people who battle this illness from making the same almost fatal mistake that I nearly did. Approximately 32.000 people a year commit suicide, and if through my book I can convince just a few to stay on their medication and keep fighting, then the book will be a success.

People with manic-depression are some of the world’s most creative and gifted people. Many are writers, painters, or musicians with Unlimited Potential… I hope to offer them encouragement to never again think of giving up, and instead they should try to find a lucrative opportunity for their creativity and to fight back when this illness tries to break you down.

If you, or someone you love, or a friend or co-worker is suffering from bipolar disorder, this book offers you a backstage pass inside the mind of a manic-depressive. The reader should be prepared to laugh out loud one moment at the manic adventures that I have been on, and possibly shed a tear or two in the next, as I offer you a glimpse into the brutally honest and often dark and lonely world of depression which I express through a selection of my poetic works. At the end of the book there are quotes on Insanity, Inspiration and Imagination – these three things quite often go hand-in-hand in the daily life of a modern day manic depressive striving to be a best-selling author.

You will laugh out loud, cry, and be glad it didn’t happen to you!

In the end, if you are not overcome with emotion in the unbelievable power of the Human Spirit to pick itself up, dust itself off, clap its hands, and find its way back from nowhere, and realize it has the potential to live out its Destiny and live the life it has always imagined… then you need to check your pulse or re-read this book!

I currently live in Terre Haute, Indiana with my amazing dog; Ruby.

She is already working on her second book.

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  1. Hello Friends!
    I would love to feature you all in my next book: Creeping Into the Crazy House Clapping
    If you go to my website, it will give you all the details.. I want to hear your story– to help everyone just like us who is suffering from this illness! We can help each other! Please be in my next book! — Author Heather D. Brown

  2. I read this because of just seeing your name. I had a friend named Heather Brown when I was in middle school. To my amazement, you actually live in Indiana and I do as well. I don’t know if you could possibly be my old friend or if this is just coincidence. I live in Kokomo and I have my whole life. I have been living with bipolar for 12 years. I only found out it was bipolar and not major depression about 5 years ago when I had a major manic episode, which was actually my first episode. I am hoping to scrape together enough money to purchase your book. I have just recently been reading as much as I can about bipolar to try and figure out what all of these moods and feelings I have mean and what they would be classified as, mania, hypomania or just depression. It’s all so confusing for me. I have been married for 18 years. We have been together for 21 years and have 4 children. A daughter 16, and 3 boys, 13,12,8. My mom was never diagnosed with bipolar or depression and committed suicide in 1998. After what I have seen in myself I have no doubt that she was bipolar. After my mom’s suicide I fell into deep depression. I couldn’t work any longer and had to go on permanent disability. I am on 3 different meds now, but things have only gotten worse. I hope this might be my old friend that I have been rambling to.

  3. hello,
    I am so sorry I am just getting back with you.. I never thought people would respond on here.. I don’t think I am your former friend.. but would love to help in any way I could.. that is why I wrote the book. I was not always doing good, and am just lucky to be here. I wish I had some bipolar people to talk to back in the day for advice.

    I went to North Central High School in Farmersburg.. Then graduated from ISU.. email me and then we can talk more.

    once again, sorry I am just now getting back with you.

  4. Please email me at the above email.. typed you a message but it keeps deleting it. .thank you!

  5. hi.. it keeps deleting my message.. please email me!

  6. A must read for everyone. A story of the American spirit, that rises above all obstacles, and prevails. Whether one has bi-polar disorder, or not, this is a book for all people to relate to. Heather writes from the heart, with unbeliable comic timing. Every one will get something from this book. The movie version is on its way. Stay tuned………

  7. I have met and know Heather, she is both beautiful and beautiful inside as well. I will never understand what it is like to be bi-polar but am thankful for knowing her.

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