November 2, 2009

I have a male friend of five years. The first year I knew something was wrong but could not put my finger on it. We were always arguing because we could not be together all the time and jealous set in. Then he share with me that he was Bipolar so I started to read on it we got closer we fell in love together and we are still in love but we both have a mouth on us. I try to watch my mouth but then he say something that hurts me bad we use to talk things out, but, now he tells me that 85 percent of our fights are my fault. I love him so much and I know he feel the same about me.

I want to be a help to him and not make things worst but, we go back in forth he is not speaking to me so I will just wait and give him time to deal. I don’t want to loose him he takes a lot of pills we talk about that he has a lot on his plate he is trying to retire and he has been worrying about this for about a year. I need help!!!