Linda – Orthomolecular Cure?

Let’s say you have a car that won’t start. You take it to a mechanic who diagnoses the problem as “Won’t Start Disorder.” But that’s only a description of the symptoms. And “Bipolar disorder” is only a description of the symptoms. Few people get any real help with “bipolar disorder” because they’re getting talk therapy to talk about the symptoms, along with synthetic drugs to control the symptoms, while absolutely nothing is done to uncover the cause of those symptoms. “Bipolar Disorder” has become a catch-all diagnosis for many, many biochemical problems.

For example, did your shrink give you a blood test to determine if your histamine level is normal? How about a hair analysis to determine if your copper level is too high? Do you have pyroluria? These are all biochemical problems that orthomolecular scientists know how to uncover with the right medical test. Check out orthomolecular on the net. When my loved ones (that’s plural) were supposedly “bipolar,” I had my family doctor order the right orthomolecular tests to find out what was CAUSING the symptoms, then I treated the causes appropriately. Today, they are both 100% free of shrinks and their miserable drugs. They both work full-time and have a good life. Don’t settle for any more “Car Won’t Start Disorder” type of diagnoses or you will be a psychiatric patient for life.

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  1. Inspiring story…can you recommend an orthomolecular

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