Posted April 15, 2013

I myself am bipolar. I have suffered since I was 13 with the disorder and I am now 30. I have been in and out of mental health facilities and I have spent much of the rest of my time homeless. I would just like to ask all the parents out there with a bipolar child to please not shun them. Both my parents worked with special needs children as teachers and still they kick me out every time I have an episode. So far it has been 19 separate times. They will take me in for a month at most then send me packing.

I know that as a 30 year old man I should be independent; however, I can assure all of you that it is quite impossible to get a job when you are homeless, penniless, devoid of medication, and psychotic. Parents would never think of throwing out a physically disabled child, such as one in a wheelchair, nor should they. It never fails to surprise me when severe bipolars are called lazy and freeloaders. If we could give away our mental impairments for even a glimpse of sanity or the all coveted normalcy, trust me, there would be no mentally challenged people on earth.

Please never give up on your children. No matter how old our bodies get, our minds will never achieve the understanding and acceptance of a static day-to-day life. I am a walking testament to the truth of not reading a book by its cover. I am told I am somewhat handsome and normally looking, but in truth I live in a makeshift tent, I have little to no use of my left hand, my teeth are falling out, I eat when I can, I am a host to worms, and I come from an upper middle class family of doctors and teachers who won’t even let me live in the back yard with their dogs. They claim they are Christians but I have become a leper that Christ will not touch.

Be there for your kids,


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  1. Did you ever think that you can be a bear to be around, and maybe they are scared for their safety? Why don’t you stay on your meds, and listen to your parents?

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