My Sister had a gastric bypass to lose weight and now she has many mental issues, bipolar being one of them. She tried to kill our Mother after staying with her for over 2 years, and she did this because she didn’t want to go to a mandated court class for breaking a restraining order her ex-boyfriend put on her for she was abusive, called his work all of the time, and so on. She went to jail for a year, and she was supposed to do a mandatory program which she opted out of, and her court date is this Thursday, and she has to see her probation officer on Wednesday before the court date. I have fed her for years, and paid her bills, and so has our Mom, and we can’t do anymore for her. She can’t live with me and my family and she can’t live with my Mom or see her for 5 years and she is 84 now, so will probably never see her again.

Our Dad won’t let her live there either, and we are all scared she would try to hurt us when we are asleep or what not. She lost her 70K plus per year job, town home, car, savings, cats, basically everything, and she wants me to save her. Well I don’t have it in me anymore and I fear for her safety and wellbeing but we just can’t do it anymore. I was so depressed for years due to what was and is going on with her and I lost weight, and my job too, yet I’m working again but not the field I want to work in and I took a huge pay cut. We are all spent and it’s time she took the reins, but from what I’ve read here I don’t think she can or will. So sad when you lose a family member or friend to mental illness. My sister was never really nice to me, and she has always had a type triple A personality, so there is that — got amplified by the weight loss surgery I guess. Anyhow I feel everyone’s pain here and I’m so sorry for everything you are going through….