Posted March 22, 2012

I have been living with severe bipolar disorder for the last 10 years. I been in the hospital and put on every medication known to man to control my radical mood swings. Now I’ve had no luck with relationships with girls as a result though I’ve always managed to hold a job and try to be as positive as possible. What always seemed strange to me was no matter medication the doctors give me I never felt much better in some cases I felt worse.

Now I have been off all medication for about 6 months but have had to take sleeping pills to get to sleep at night. Now pay attention I just spent a couple of weeks overseas by myself though staying in backpacker hostels so I wasn’t completely alone. Anyway for a week of my tour I did some very serious bush walking where it was just me my thoughts and Mother Nature. As I was lapping up nature and the whole experience of being overseas horrible thoughts and experiences from the past started raring up in my mind. Things that I had forgotten about even till now.

As I dealt with these thoughts I started feeling less depressed and more confident in myself. Then I started to realize that it was my own thoughts dragging me down and there’s no chemical imbalance or lack of serotonin in my brain. Then as soon as I discovered that this bipolar was just a lie I started feeling completely cured.

For the last few weeks I have never felt better!!! I sleep well at night without sleeping pills and I actually feel confident for the first time in my life to go and get a woman. All my friends see a major change in me and I feel like life is actually worth living. I hope this helps.