Posted August 31, 2013

I am 18 years old and have a 15 year old sister. Recently I left foster care and moved back in with my real Mum but she buckled under the pressure and kicked me out. It was scary, heartbreaking and confusing for me but I managed to stay with my Nan.

Since then, my Mum and I have reconciled but today, she went crazy with me because I was angry at some guys who were being nasty to me. My sister tried to stick up for me but my Mum hit out at her and told her to get out of the house. I discovered that my Mum had thrown my belongings out, and when I went round to collect them with my former foster carer, my Mum hurled abuse at me and threw a heavy bag at me. She ordered me to stay away from her house and to never return.

My Nan was staying with my Mum as well and even she backed my Mum up and said that I wasn’t allowed to go to her house to stay for the night, so I ended up staying with my former carers. I am due to move into my own flat on Monday. All my belongings are stored at my Nan’s where I was living and my Nan took back my set of keys. I am worried about how I can get my stuff from my gran’s house into the people carrier on Monday morning. I am hoping she will calm down and help me to move out so we can all have our own safe haven.

This is the second time my Mum has effectively kicked me out and it really hurts. It hurts so much because my family all wanted me back with them and out of foster care and now that I am, they want me gone and away from them. It’s all very topsy-turvy and unstable with my family. Our bond is severely broken, and I fear it will be very difficult to repair.