September 13, 2008

In having Bipolar one of the things I deal with often is quitting jobs. Ever since I was diagnosed in 1998 I have had one job after another. The reason why I am writing about this issue is because when you have Bipolar you tend to have less of a desire about things after you get yourself in a situation. I don’t know if it’s a high to make a decision all at once to just quit something so after you can get that high feeling of you showed them. Is it a thing that you felt for awhile you weren’t in control by going to work everyday and the hum drum of a routine.

So then you make a decision to just quit or walk away from the situation. It’s that way with relationships in my life also… I would get involved with a girl and move in with her and all of a sudden say well I don’t want to do this anymore… So I pack up all my stuff and leave (like nothing happened).

Over time that can really be a strain on the ole self… The Bipolar gets you so wore out at times. Just a week ago I had a great full time job with basically doing nothing but watching television all night in someone’s house I was overseeing. I got tired of it and never went back to work. Called them up and said I just don’t want to do this anymore.

If anyone else deals with this would you please let me know and others know about it… We would all like to hear your stories. The more you comment the more support we gain from each other. So many times we with Bipolar feel so alone and isolated in this world.

It’s very hard some days to get out of bed at all, you just want to have one day where your mind isn’t going 90 mph…

We want to hear what you have to say about this illness.

Please let everyone know where they can come for support.

Visit BipolarWorldz or e-mail Shane.

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  1. Hey Shane,

    You are definitely not alone. I struggled my whole life with relationships and jobs. The longest job I have had is 3.5 years. I would just lose interest in everyone and everything. Even now, I am a student and work on campus. I struggle everytime I am at work or school. Sometimes I just want to give up or walk away from it all. I found a good way to deal with things, aside from my medication. I married someone that helped me identify that I had bipolar and she is learning about me and my condition. Imagine how hard it is for our loved ones! However, she has been wonderful to me and helps me get through the tough times. Partly by being there for love and support, and partly by giving me that hope so I can continue for my love of her. The biggest thing, besides medication and diet, is finding a support group. Mine is my wife and my church. I wish you the best Shane and everyone else that may read this.

    God bless you,

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