The Bipolar Guy

September 18, 2008

I’m 62 years old I’m listed as bipolar. I have not taken any drugs for over 4 years.

I have gone through Hell, with harassment and hate crimes by various criminal justice people in the USA. I’m tired of all the hate and all the harassment. Please everyone understand, I’m doing just fine.

Making fun of the bipolar people is not the answer, using Coercion and Coercive Persuasion on the bipolar people is not the answer, it is only the making a harassment and hate crimes within the USA.

I’m not a harm to myself, nor any other person, so please leave me alone.

The information I have can help many mentally ill people in the World today, needless to say, they all like not to take drugs and live a normal life. I’m not advocating all the mentally ill just stop taking drugs, I am saying many of them can use what I do to correct the Major Chemical Imbalance. Working with a doctor is very important – going on drugs or coming off drugs can be a very high risk.

I have only one life to live, let me live it in peace. God Bless


  1. Hi Bipolar guy:

    I am also 62 and I have been treated for bipolar disorder since the name was changed from manic depression. When my mother died in 1961, I was 14 and misdiagnosed for schziophrenia, because my depression continued for about two years after her death. I have been on numerous medications that never seem to completely address my symptoms. I ready to try CAM. John

  2. Bipolar is a capitalistic marketing term to sell you drugs and therapy. There is no such thing as someone who has real bipolar unless it is a) put into their head orally, b) causes the body distress via small poisons, and c) enforced by persecution by others or peer groups. It is also a philosphical perspective on those that are bereaved by the loss of a loved one in death. This is psychology.

    There are such things as seasonal affective disorder (no sunlight, cabin fever), mourning the loss of a someone in death, loss of a girlfriend or betrayal by a loved one. Law enforcement seeks job security, just like any other organization like organized assosiations of persons or groups who practice “medicine,” “law,” “education,” “manufacturing,” “natural resources,” and “service industries.” In years past, this was called organized “crime,” until legislature and lobbying “buy in,” created the marketing, advertising, and silver linings of the pockets that keep these economies duping the general public.

    This is called “Business,” and is defined by the exchange of monetary means, wealth, assets, and even information. Samual Adams, not the beer, wrote a book called the Wealth of Nations. Follow the golden rule in that he who has the gold makes the rules, and if you are subsidizing these doctors, medicine men, religious leaders, or otherwise bankrolling their business then legally these are your business partners in life.

    Choose your friends much more wisely my friend.
    Keep your money and do with it whatever it is that brings you happiness and makes YOUR LIFE a better place to be. Reread your Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. Where is YOUR money, your wages, and mind most applicable to your own abundance, profitability, and happiness? That is where you need to put you attentions…

  3. the last comment-i think you have the wrong site!!clearly have never suffered severe manic depression;medication can and does help.

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