From the author of Hypomanic- Mad in England

Hypomanic Mad in England by Victor KennedyTwelve years ago something happened to me at University which changed my life forever. We all know someone who disappeared or vanished from University. Well, in class of ‘95 that person was me. It was a case of too much too young and I lost it, dropped out and had to take a year off. I lost everything. My friends. My girlfriend. My mind. I just had to find the courage to get back. My heart told me I had to do this and if my book saves one student from repeating my mistakes it will be worth all my effort. My journey began in July 2004 and it has taken me two years, nine months and thirteen days to write 136,970 words.

“Written from the point of view of a hedonistic 22 year old student who moves 250 miles south to a new, exciting yet unfamiliar London institution, Hypomanic is a touching account of a young man’s spiraling journey into madness. Its an abbreviated version of a complete nervous breakdown. The novel reveals the frightening truths about the reality of mental illness through his deteriorating relationships with campus friends, enemies and the geographical distance from his family. Essentially it is a story about neglect, loss and redemption. Hypomanic reveals how this mind endured and finally triumphed over tragedy.

An absorbing and exciting read that broadens the range of reader experience. This book is an excellent source for those seeking more information, and it contains reassuring truths for bipolars who are searching for answers and novel ways of coping with the disorder. It is equally gripping as a portrait of the student community at The University of Westminster in the nineties and perhaps the crucial part Kennedy’s friends & family played in his decent into madness and eventual recovery.”

I didn’t start writing until nearly ten years post event to deal with what happened and for the full story to unfold. It was one thing living through it. It was another thing revisiting it all. Sometimes people judge me like I am not a rounded individual. This type of thing doesn’t happen to someone with ’sense’. It forces you to be rounded and balanced. You wouldn’t survive otherwise. A ‘Nervous Breakdown’ implies you are weak. You are not. In fact, you are stronger for having gone through it.

I’ve been trying to rejoin the human race for the last twelve years. It’s been the biggest battle of my life. I’ve followed the red brick road instead of the yellow one but I still got here eventually. So where is here? Here is where the comfort of being content and well balanced is more important than anything else. I’ve learned the hard way and I know that wisdom is probably the ability to cope.

Stay nimble of heart, happy of thought, healthy of mind and well in being.

Best wishes,